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I’ve learned it’s not what I have in my life, but who I have in my life that counts. Unconventional terms define ‘my family’ and it suits me just fine. My best friend is who I call ‘my sister’. My mothers childhood friend is who I call ‘my aunt’. And of course, I call my dogs ‘my kids’. If you’ve been following us, you know we are passionate about dog rescue and recently just adopted two, yes TWO, pitbull puppies.

A few months back a wonderful police officer found a pregnant dog wandering the streets of Brooklyn and took her in to his home so she could deliver her puppies in a safe and warm home. The mama dogs name is Ruby and she gave birth to ‘da crooklyn 5’. The five of them grew up together for the first 8 weeks and as soon as we saw all the videos, we knew we wanted that sweet little girl, now known as Chevy. And as we watched all 5 pups get adopted into amazing homes, we all started to follow each other on Instagram. Sharing ‘family traits’ and ‘family quirks’. And it hit me, we are a ‘family’ if not by blood, by ‘our kids’ blood. One of ‘Chevys aunts’ ordered a custom frame from us with the word FAMILY on it, and it just seemed so fitting because Kristin is family, our ‘dog family’. Yesterday Chevy was reunited with her brother Loki and they ran and played and tumbled and chased and smiled and took pictures just like a ‘normal family’. Family is what you make it, defined by love and nothing else. I love ‘my family’ and I am grateful for every one of you.  Special thanks to that kind officer and the NewYorkBullyCrew for helping these puppies safe and caring for them when no one else did. That’s what ‘family’ is all about.  

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