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Introducing PR VINtage

What were you doing when you were 7 years old? Were you behind the wheel of your parents '56 Oldsmobile (unbeknownst to them) and cruising around the neighborhood? I think NOT.

You know who did this? A complete BADASS that's who! And he is Papa 'VINtage' himself. Yes that's right! VINNY. Old fashioned work ethic, grit, determination, and motor oil. That's Vinny. He comes from an era where as an 8 year old you have your own paper route and you mow the neighbors' lawns. While his classmates were sound asleep, (or possibly still wetting the bed), Vinny was working on a milk truck at 4 in the morning making deliveries in Queens. (and no he wasn’t driving the truck).

Vinny was drafted for the Army at 18. When he got out of the service a few years later and got back home, his dad took him to a local body shop and put him to work. He was a sweeper, a body man, a painter, and has been restoring cars for over 50 years!

Before the days of Vinny joy riding in his folks car, or building cars in the body shop, his own first set of wheels was a Pedal Car. Every kid at the time either had one or wished they did. Pedal Cars were modeled from the real cars of the time. They were designed to incorporate the most current trends of the automotive world. Pedal Cars featured working lights and horns, moveable windshields, chrome detailing, hood ornaments, white wall tires and custom paint jobs.

Unfortunately due to plastic pedal toys like Big Wheels (insert eye-roll here); they pretty much put Pedal Cars out of business in the 70's, and since then they've been pretty hard to come by. Well, we've had enough of the plastic nonsense. The battery charging. The pushing of buttons and MP3 hookups.

You know Pallet Refinery is all about second chances, we are on a mission to salvage any scrap and junk Pedal Cars we get our hands on. VINtage will be conducting restoration, pedaling, and complete PIMPING of the baddest Pedal Cars around.

We have a 1963-1965 Murray Firetruck fully restored with all original parts. (the only thing we upgraded was the seat and the decals). The original windshield and working bell make this build an absolute dream for any collector!

The Hammered Gray 1976 Murray 'Dude Wagon' was stripped, sanded, and given the hammered gray effect. It was also reupholstered with fabric Vinny pulled from an 84' Camaro.

Be on the lookout for more pedal cars coming your way, VINtage is taking pieces to be commissioned. We had to pull Vinny out of retirement for this project. Sorry NOT sorry! It had to be done. It’s time to give these youngsters a taste of the old school. PR + VINtage style!

Email us with any questions!

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