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Revamp, Reuse and; Refine. That’s what Pallet Refinery is all about.

Pallet Refinery Frame, Felt Flowers, Antique

One of the best things we hear is, ”That’s made out of a pallet?

No way! That’s amazing!”

As more and more reports show different products and materials are wreaking havoc on the environment and we think it’s really important that we minimize our carbon footprint. We literally die inside every time we read an article about a whale dying from a balloon or see a perfectly good dresser on the curb but the color isn’t “in style”.

Here at Pallet Refinery we offer home décor and furnishings that are equally stylish AND sustainable.

Pallet Refinery Collage of Products

Pal-LETS talk about what we do. We rescue pallets and combine them with rustic vintage finds to create one-of-a-kind pieces for your home. If it’s old and rusty and chippy, it’s ours. In a world full of Pinterest boards ® and honey-to-do-lists, we make pieces that are fun, functional and made with character.

The Door Next Door

The Door Next Door (@thedoornextdoor13 on Instagram) is one of our go to spots to search for anything salvage, vintage, or antique. All items there are carefully curated by professional treasure hunters.

Pop's Garage Sale Store

Pops Garage Sale Store in Bayshore is also a great shop to find really unique items, particularly bottles and dishes. And we have to mention eBay; eBay and thrifting go hand in hand. If we have something very specific in mind for a project there is a good chance we will find it on eBay. Basically anything you are looking for can be found on eBay, even things that you never knew you wanted or needed. It’s easy to fall down the eBay rabbit hole. Trust us.

F&M Goods Babylon NY

Another great resource, right here in our own backyard of Babylon is F&M Goods. We just can’t go in there without stocking up on all kinds of vintage goodies.

And last but not least a good ol’ garage sale. That’s right. You’re probably thinking what kind of crazy people get excited rummaging around someone else’s garage? US, we are those crazy people. There is no better feeling than benefiting from the wastefulness of others. Like we mentioned before, that dresser that just isn’t the right color or style anymore? We got you! Also we like to think we are saving things from a landfill. (where 90% of garage sale items that don’t sell wind up going)

We are always careful to pick wood and pallets that are ‘healthy’ to bring home. We want to make sure it’s not just safe but also critter free! We treat our items to make sure nothing but love comes with your piece (ok maybe a dog hair or two, but nothing major!) You can also find a little peace of mind in knowing that by bringing an item from Pallet Refinery into your home you too are playing a part in a more sustainable Long Island and beyond!

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