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The "Un-Fair" Season

Sundays ar 420

As fair season is in the air, so is Covid fear and a world of masks and uncertainty. Small businesses and the maker community are struggling to stay afloat and present.

How can people support all this great work if everything is being cancelled? A group of makers have gotten together to create a small pop up market where they all can display their work and hang on Sunday mornings . Sticking together, talking shop, and sharing creative ideas while using the outdoor space.

Introducing "Maker TakeOver" at Pallet Refinery.

A Sunday pop up market with a few of our favorite makers. We will also have a few surprise guests along the way.

Salt and Sea

D.Lauren.B Paper FLorals

Two Gypsea Souls

From the Heart Designs

Hosted By: Pallet Refinery

Check out our FB and Instagram for the dates we will be there. We are being safe, masks on and hand sanitizer in all the booths.

Located at 420 Broadway, West Babylon, 11702

SUNDAYS 9am-1pm (weather permitting)

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